Performance Insight

MediaLens presents numerous analytic metrics in simple charts so you can do easy comparison in the eye.

Why would you need Medialens when you can have direct access to your Facebook Insight?

To name a few examples, here is why.

Your Facebook “Page Summary” in “Overview” can only show your page’s performance in the last 28 days. What if you would like to review your page performance 2 months ago?

Your Facebook Insight can only show the post performance of your published posts by date in descending order. What if you would like to know the best performing post from last year? It will be an endless scrolling of “See More”.

User Friendly

Each platform’s analytic tool has its own benefits and limitations. Medialens is there to close the gap and provide you a holistic view in a user-friendly manner.

Visualized Data

Medialens helps you to visualize all of your post performance in the selected time frame. It also provides useful analytical tools such as visualizing the post performance by different metrics (such as reach, engagement, click etc), by moving average, by growth trend and a lot of other useful analytical parameters so that you can grasp the performance insight at a glance.

It saves you the pain and time wasted on loginning in each platform’s admin page, searching relevant data of an old post, waiting the platform’s server response and manually consolidating scattered data into a spreadsheet.

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