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Stay on top of your competitors with Ad Intelligence
Ad Intelligence provides insight to perfect your content strategy with industry secrets from your competitors, and the industry as a whole. Real time, 24/7 analysis ensures you’re the first to know if your competitor makes a move, and gives you valuable insight into their content strategy. Observe, see what works, what doesn’t, and improve your content strategy with your competitor's mistakes.
Predict the next big thing with Buzz
Struggling to find new ideas for content? Buzz real-time track hot topics across the town so you can get foresight on content trends with viral potential. With Keyword Cloud, Keywords and Hashtags usage frequency and engagement are displayed in a heatmap so you can refine your content with the best keyword composition to attract more engagement.
Social profiles monitored
Facebook and Instagram posts monitored
HK$3.2 Billion
Total monitored Ad Value in 2021

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Reach out to things that you’ve never knew

MediaLens offers social media performance analysis of you and your competitors, diligent market insights and benchmarking, in-depth ad-tracking summary and other content performance analytic tools, get relevant and actionable insight and use it.

Insight and data, made simple and hassle-free

MediaLens spares your the time for manual data collection and complex analysis. Instead, insights and data are displayed in an intuitive design and clean dashboard, get all the analytics you need in one go.

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Popular FAQs

  • How can Ad Value help?

    Ad value is determined by our algorithm according to advertiser’s follow no. and tiers. It gives you a fair estimate of how much ad dollars your competitors have spent.

  • Why does dark post data matter?

    Dark post data offers knowledge of competitors' keywords and content direction. MediaLens keeps a record of dark post data even when an advertiser changes the privacy of the post.

  • How can I identify the influencer for my brand?

    In MediaLens’ influencer leaderboard, you can view pages and post insights of different influencers and pick the one who is aligned with your brand the most. Plus, similar influencers within the same category are recommended for a wider selection.