Capitalise on real-time social trend - Buzz
Be the first to adopt the latest trend. With MediaLens’ AI social media trend monitoring and prediction, you will always find the right topics for your audience and catapult your engagement rate with ease. Get an endless supply of ideas and conquer Facebook and Instagram with our advanced social media trend prediction tools. Observe real-time trending topics and popular keywords in MediaLens, and optimise your own content and advertising strategy and get the most engagement.
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I struggle to create viral content, how can I stay on top of everyday latest hot topics?

Building viral content from the latest trends
Are you always struggling to meet your social media performance targets? Does your team find it hard to come up with ideas and topics for each week’s posts? If so, MediaLens’ social media trend monitoring and analysis tool is your best solution. By following the hottest topics and the most popular trends, you’re all but guaranteed to get engagements and attention. However, in the age of social media, trends and fads fade as quickly as they appear. MediaLens monitors the entire region in real time, letting you know instantly exactly which posts are trending, and helping you get the most engagement.
Keywords Cloud
In today’s competitive landscape, branded content never goes viral just by accident. Brands with a competitive edge on social media trend monitoring and prediction can create one viral post after another and leave their competitors in the dust. Of all things, keywords are the most essential for grabbing attention and attracting new audiences. Buzz analyses the most engaging keywords of the entire region, ensuring that your post is able to grab attention, and maximises your chances of going viral.
Up-&-Rising Trend
Our Keywords Table and charts summarise millions of points of data, ad activity, social media, influencers, and keyword-related patterns for you in real-time. Never show up late to a topic with extremely accurate Facebook and Instagram trend predictions. Closely monitor what your competitors are doing, their ad campaigns, and their budget, all at your fingertips.
Social listening on keywords
Wondering what others' perceptions of your product or brand are? Our social listening function offers exact keyword searching, giving you comprehensive knowledge of community activity for content planning. And foresight on market acceptance of your brand, potential new product launch or promotion campaign.