Essential data to up your social game - My Pages & Competitor Analysis
Know yourself, and your competitors. MediaLens provides in-depth analytics of you and your competitor’s pages, have full visibility on your own performance while equipping you with performance data and content trend from your competitors.
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My competitor’s content is getting more and more engagement, what are their winning factors? How can MediaLens improve my page performance?

Page and post level insight, visualized to use
Always be one step ahead. MediaLens presents a myriad of analytic metrics for social media marketing, all in a clean and easy-to-digest package so you can make comparisons and analysis with nothing but the naked eye. Visualize industry leaders and competitors, and take inspiration from their strategies. See what’s working for your audience, and fine-tune and perfect the formula.
Competitor keyword and hashtag
See what works for your competitors, and do it as well. Our artificial intelligence powered analytics suggest a list of the most engaging keywords and hashtags your competitors use, so you can have a better understanding of your competitor’s content strategy. Supplement your own content strategy with your competitor’s, and turn their failures into your success.
Find the Best Publishing Time
When is your target audience most active? Is it on a lazy Sunday afternoon, or just after school on a Friday? Take the guesswork out of the equation, and let MediaLens’ heat map tell you at exactly what time and on exactly what day you should be posting to maximize engagement with your target audience.
Editor Performance and metrics
A great team is made up of great individuals. While the overall performance still takes center stage, we’ll help you take a peek backstage. MediaLens shows you the post performance and the output quantity of each member of your team, providing you with valuable insight into your human resources planning.