Trend Prediction

Predict how your target audience will react to your content. What are the hottest topics people are talking about?

What are the hottest topics that people talk about now?

How many of your competitors are publishing posts relevant to a specific topic?

Is this an evergreen topic with steadily growing engagement or the virality dies down in a day?

What are the sets of keywords that always trigger engagement with your target audience?

Augmented Intelligence

MediaLens offers your augmented intelligence so that you can predict the next viral trend by analyzing what’s hot and what’s not.

Make It Viral

By analyzing the current viral topics and the success factors of these viral topics, added with your sound marketing experience, you can easily predict whether a certain post will become the next viral topic without a crystal ball.

We do not have crystal balls but we have MediaLens for trend prediction.

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Performance Insight

MediaLens presents numerous analytic metrics in simple charts so you can do easy comparison in the eye.

Competitor Analysis

Visualize and compare social media performances of your targeted brands at a glance!

Business Insight

Analyze business intelligence to help you make a commercial decision. What is your ROI in ad spending?