Competitor Analysis

Visualize and compare social media performances of your targeted brands at a glance!

Do your social media posts outperform your competitors in the last festive season?

How frequent are your competitors publishing posts on social media?

Which product in the market has drawn the highest engagement from your targeted audience?

Which product is your competitor’s highlight which they have spent extra budget in boosting relevant posts?

No one can deny that answers to questions above can help business leaders to better formulate the optimal marketing strategy.

Learn from Social Media

By studying the insight in social media, business leaders can directly compare the effectiveness of your own social media strategy with competitors and more importantly, gather the most honest feedback from your target audience and thus deduce what they like and dislike.

Competitors in Your Eyes

Medialens provides you visualized competitor intelligence at a glance so that you can make data-driven decisions in planning your next marketing campaign.

No more hassle in wasting precious manpower from your team to painfully scroll through your competitors’ social media pages and manually input the likes, comments and shares of each post of competitors into a spreadsheet.

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Performance Insight

MediaLens presents numerous analytic metrics in simple charts so you can do easy comparison in the eye.

Trend Prediction

Predict how your target audience will react to your content. What are the hottest topics people are talking about?

Business Insight

Analyze business intelligence to help you make a commercial decision. What is your ROI in ad spending?