Business Insight

Business is always about return on investment. MediaLens provides you social media performance analytics to secure (or grow) social media ROI as well as human capital ROI.

Should you bet your social media ad spend on Facebook or Instagram?

Are you boosting the right audience to maximize your ROI in social media marketing?

Which ad delivers the best and worst ROI of social media?

Data-driven Budgeting

By assessing our social media performance analytics, you can make a data-driven decision in optimizing the future allocation of your digital ad spend given the ROI of social media marketing campaigns.

Human Capital ROI

However, what’s equally important is keeping a close eye on human capital ROI, i.e. your marketing staff cost.

How is the social media ROI that your current marketing team is delivering to your business?

Who content contributors currently give you the best ROI from your social media ad spend?

Which content contributor delivers the most engaging content?

Which content contributor delivers the most engaging content? Which content contributors are falling short of publication?

Guided with visualized and transparent data in social media performance analytics , you can have data-driven insight into whether your team or any individual contributor’s quantitative performance meets your expectations.

Know more about MediaLens

Social Media Performance Analytics

MediaLens presents numerous social media marketing analytics metrics in simple charts so you can do easy comparison in the eye.

Competitor Analysis

Use MediaLens to visualize and analyze social media strategy of your targeted brands at a glance!

Social Media Trend Prediction

Predict how your target audience will react to your content by Facebook analysis tool and Instagram analysis tool in MediaLens.