Business Insight

Business is always about return on investment. Medialens provides you valuable insight in external ROI as well as internal ROI.

Should you spend your boosting budget on Facebook or Instagram?

Are you boosting to the right audience?

Which ad delivers the best and worst performance in per-click cost?

Data-driven Budgeting

By analyzing external insight you can make a data-driven decision in choosing where and how much to spend your budget for your next marketing campaign.

Internal ROI

However, what’s equally important is keeping a close eye on internal ROI.

How many social media posts published by the team and the total engagement earned in total?

How is the individual performance of each content contributor in your marketing team?

Which content contributor delivers the most engaging content?

Which content contributors are falling short of publication?

Guided with visualized data transparency, you can have data-driven insight into whether your team or any individual contributor’s quantitative performance meet your expectations.

Know more about MediaLens

Performance Insight

MediaLens presents numerous analytic metrics in simple charts so you can do easy comparison in the eye.

Competitor Analysis

Visualize and compare social media performances of your targeted brands at a glance!

Trend Prediction

Predict how your target audience will react to your content. What are the hottest topics people are talking about?